100 days at the Yarram Club Hotel

13 March 2015 marks our 100th day as publicans and owners of the Yarram Club Hotel!

WOW – with everyone in town so welcoming, generous and encouraging, it really has been a fantastic experience!  Apart from learning about how to best run a business like this – we also had a pretty long list of things we wanted to achieve in the first 100 days and so far, are feeling pretty chuffed with our progress.

Here are some examples (in no particular order) of what we’ve been up to:

  • removing 9 tonnes of waste from the beer garden in order to start creating the Palms Courtyard as a unique and distinct area
  • painting the Palms Courtyard outdoor bar and perimeter fences
  • painting the entrance hall, passageway and toilets (male and female)
  • replacing all the female toilets
  • cleaning, preparing and painting the soon to open Cellar Door
  • purchasing and then running our own brilliantly branded courtesy bus
  • encouraging our head chef to complete her apprenticeship (underway)
  • participating in a number of community events and initiatives
  • meeting and greeting both locals and visitors to the area
  • purchasing new towels and linen for all the rooms upstairs
  • cleaning a number of large kitchen materials to better assist the chefs
  • installing and learning a new Vectron point of sale system
  • holding a number of successful theme nights in the Glasshouse Bistro
  • receiving positive feedback on a whole range of new dishes and desserts created by our adventurous chefs, trialled at special events such as the delicious slow-cooked meat pies (from Australia Day), the Creepy Crawly Critter Cupcakes (from Black Friday the 13th), the Red Velvet Cheesecake (a dessert favourite from Valentine’s Day), lamb souvlaki focaccia, the goats cheese bruschetta and chicken won ton soup (lunchtime hits), the cinnamon and honey pane-cotta (from Mother’s Day) the Thai beef salad, a number of poached salmon numbers and a full gamut of pasta varieties (such fun)

We respect that this hotel is an integral part of Yarram, the community, its people and region; we absolutely love being a part of the community and feel very privileged in our role as caretakers for this magnificent, historic hotel.

Peter and Jessica